Simply, live it.

Life ain’t close to anything simple;
You want to get some money, you work.
You want to go to work, you drive.
You want to drive, you learn how.

It’s a process and it takes time;
Time to think,
then time to do.
Not only it is a process,
it is also choices.

We face options every time we open our eyes in the morning;
Shall I brush my teeth first?
Or shall I take a bath first?
While you might end up peeing and pooping.

But you.

You blow my mind.
You rush my guts.
You thump my heart.
You are one hella assumption I must figure out.

I assume you like me.
I assume you do not.
I assume you’re interested in me.
I assume you’re just bored.

In the end,
Assume-ing makes me ended up ass-ing myself;
thinking about you and me.
Ignoring the truth that you are a choice I must opt;
Shall I stay? Shall I move on?
Shall I neglect? Shall I fess up?

Hey, I like you.
I’m interested in you.
I am comfortable around you.
I hope you feel the same way, too.

There, is my choice;
I spilled the beans. I said it all.

I didn’t expect you to agree. But I want you to at least see;
That someone adores you.
That someone is interested in you.
That someone likes you.
That these words are the highest compliment any people can get

And appreciate that she,
She has evacuated her mind.
She has extracted her guts.
She has exhausted her heart.

Because confession is not always a confirmation;
Neither yes or no can answer it.

To confess is rather to conform;
You comply the rules of your mind,
You behave to your guts,
You agree to your heart.


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Your Newsworthy Smile

Saw him once, saw him twice.

Saw me trice and six smiles arise.

I don’t know him, either he knows me.

Who is he? Employee?

Same roof, same floor.

Not enough spoof, they need to know more.

Well, hey, I just met you. And this is definitely crazy.

But that smile of you, I need it daily.

My time isn’t much, one month it might be.

So quickly let’s get close, and we’ll make it glee.




사랑의 운명 이야기

나에겐, 이 세상은 운명의 놀이 입니다.

이 세상에서 살았던 사람으로, 뭔가 되는지 뭔가 안 되는지도 모르니까.

한 사람은 다른 사람을 사랑해는지 미워해는지도 이유를 찾지 못합니다.

왜냐하면, 이 운명 놀이 안에서 우리는 약하고 작은 인형 입니다.

사람들의 이해할 수없는 사랑이란, 나에겐 아직도 운명의 놀이 입니다

한 사람은 다른 사람에게 전부를 될수 있지만 딱 일초만 안에, 안 될수도 있습니다.

진심으로 사랑한대도 한 사람의 심은 바꿀수 있습니다.

이게 바로 사랑의 운명 이야기 입니다.

불쌍하게 보여지만, 더 지키고 싶어진다.


제 생일의 모레,

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All Far Bets

Abstraction Better Commits Double Efforts For Gaining Happiness. Irregular Journey Knocks Liability, Makes Number Of Permanent Queasiness, Rapidly Stings Through Unnoticed Value Within Your Zone.

Scrambled Mind Surpasses Midnight,


Religious Tolerance > Humanity Tolerance?

For those who wonders what is happening, it is a must for you to read this article above before you read through my opinions.

Oh, and I love how my friend (psst. he is single ready to mingle. 😁) responded to my article by saying this in my FB activity:

Adding to your already well said point, isnt fasting whole point supposed to be holding your self against temptation? Not erasing the temptation? -Chavin, 22.

It tingles me of what happened today. As a citizen of Banten province, I don’t know if I should be upset or proud of being in the headlines for ALL social media. Yep, this news is spreading through my LINE news, Path, and here I am going to spread it even more in my WordPress.

For me, the government is failing the image of a religion, here, in Indonesia. Ironically, the religion I am talking about is the first major religion of Indonesia.

For slight information, the government of Banten province has banned restaurants to be open until 12 PM to “tolerate” those who are in break-fasting. (McDonald’s 24 hours ain’t gonna be 24 hours for this one month, people. Yes.) And today, the security group has done an inspection in Serang, and the closed a woman’s food stall just because she opens her store at the “government’s closing time”.

In my opinion, it is a wrong move for the government to generalize that the Muslim citizen of Banten is susceptible of “seduction” for not all Muslim citizen of Banten is. Being seduced cannot be generalized for it is something personal. One can be easily seduced but one can strongly deny the seduction. Accepting or denying the seduction is a personal decision. This food stall of a woman does not even attract ALL Muslims to fail their breakfasting.

It tickles my mind due to the fact that the government is being easily seduced by food rather than the women herself who spent her whole day serving foods and drinks to earn some money for her family’s big day. If you want this rule to be obeyed really well, can you guarantee that all of the lack-of-welfare-people will get money for the big Eid day? Will you give, specifically this one woman, her compensation money for the money she could have earned if she opened her store earlier?

I have a lot of Muslim friends who are in their breakfasting in the campus. Me, trying to be nice and polite, has once asked them for a permission to drink. A thing that I thought so considerate because I asked for a permission. They kindly answered me,”oh sure. Just drink it, we don’t mind.” But do you guys want to know what other thing is happening in the place it happened? I felt like I actually have offended them for being “nice in my version”. The situation became really awkward and I did really feel that I have offended them in a way of seducing them to join me drink.

As a non-Muslim, I find it ironic that we can tolerate the Muslims more than the Muslims tolerate the Muslims. If we, the other religion, can tolerate you who are celebrating, why should you let your others down for your own interest? Tolerance is not going to happen by closing the restaurants until 12 PM? Tolerance is happening when you realize that you have others to be helped. Why should you be so ignorant thinking that religion and economic is equal as if there is no border that differentiate both? It is true that we should put our religion values in the economy activities we are doing, but it does not mean that religion activities forbid a person from supporting a family’s economy.

This month of the year is supposed to be the month when the faith is being tested. This month of the year is supposed to be the month when we give everything as much as we can. This month of the year is supposed to be the month when every religion human tolerates each other. Breakfasting, for me, is not only related to eat and drink. Breakfasting, in fact, is related to many other things. I assume a breakfasting is not a breakfasting when you still talk bad about someone of something. I assume a breakfasting is not a breakfasting when you choose not to share what you could be grateful for.

And I, myself, cannot let religious tolerance interrupt human tolerance. Humanity goes first before religion for we are all the same human, separated by different religion.



For those who want to and are willing to help this one woman and many others whose food stall is closed by the government’s security group, Standup Serang and other humanity community is opening a charity. The money that you are willing to give can be transferred through this account BCA, 5315110189, Dwika Putra Hendrawan‘s. The charity will be closed on June 12th (which is tomorrow) by 12 PM/12 in the afternoon and avoid transferring money after it. Further info, you can contact @dwikaputra @amrazing @soundofyogi through twitter, or trough LINE: dwikaputra


Wishing you all a holy month of Ramadan,